OPM: Oops, Hackers Actually Stole 5.6M Fingerprints

Pcmag, Stephany Mlot, 23/09/15


The Office of Personnel Management today announced that 5.6 million people are estimated to have had their fingerprints stolen in a December hack, up from the agency's initial estimate of 1.1 million.

Over the summer, OPM warned of a massive breach that leaked information of more than 21 million people.

During an "aggressive effort to update" cybersecurity within the agency, OPM in April discovered a breach that affected approximately 21.5 milli

The OPM was hit with a similar attack last year, but this year's breach is reportedly not related. A number of federal agencies have been the victims of cyber attacks in recent years, from the State Department and U.S. Postal Service to the National Weather Service and Energy Department.


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